Slow down Bootes, before you disappear behind my neighbors fence! I have some challenges just beyond your area. Messier 3 is a great practice star cluster for those with new scopes.

 According to todays star maps and what object belongs to what constellation, Messier 3 belongs to Canes Venatici but it's location when hunting it down is more towards Bootes. The spectacular star Sao 82944 is equally nice to observe. So take a hop too that orange star when working on this challenge, I was glad I did. Here's the duo in action, quite stunning.

Yes I slapped my Barlow on that star, I have a thing for orange stars, visually wonderful to gaze at in the eyepiece.

Telescope: 12 inch dobsonian
Eyepiece: 26mm
Extra's: 2x Barlow lens

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