First of all it is pronounced your -a-nuss like in your-a-bus. Not the usual way ninnies pronounce it (insert eye-roll).

Now let's get down to some planetary business. I knew that planet was going to be in our skies, I planned on observing it but, when Phil challenges us to spot it, get your scopes out!  According to his chart in the book Uranus was going to be visible September 29 so I was hoping it will be sparkling clear skies and it happened.

Beautiful blue color just pops out and it is a really nice planet to observe. I spotted that and Neptune in 2003 with my 8 inch dobsonian. This challenge brings my 12 inch dobsonian it's first time pooping it into it's eyepiece.

Telescope: 12 inch dobsonian
Eyepieces: 25mm and 10mm
Extra's: 2x Barlow lens

Yes I used my barlow lens on Uranus too. My Barlow is like Franks hot sauce, I put that sh*t on everything!   The Barlow is a telescope user's best tool.


Oh boy, Andromeda galaxy opened up a world of being in contact with other observers around the world in 2002. I was not very experienced with finding galaxies so I reluctantly went in an astronomy chat room one night desperate for help. 9 years later I'm an astronomer. What a blast it has been, quite the orbit to where I am today! (same room facing a different wall though lol!)

When you observe Andromeda, your getting five galaxies in one shot but Phil is concentrating on only two in this challenge. I threw in my barlow to get a good look at them. M32 and M110 are the two smaller companions. Woops this is a binocular challenge .. shhh! okay so I got my scope on it first. So binoculars are ready and is Phil going to win this challenge ??? Let's seee ..oooh oh ..nope I see them in my  new binoculars.

OOOH! Sorry there Phil I gotcha on this one, oh gee that's too bad, maybe the next one there  Mr Harrington.

Telescope: 12 inch dobsonian
Eyepiece: 25 mm and 10 mm
Extra's:  2x barlow

Binoculars: 15 x 70   <---- by Orion Telescope company, the best optics maker.


Slow down Bootes, before you disappear behind my neighbors fence! I have some challenges just beyond your area. Messier 3 is a great practice star cluster for those with new scopes.

 According to todays star maps and what object belongs to what constellation, Messier 3 belongs to Canes Venatici but it's location when hunting it down is more towards Bootes. The spectacular star Sao 82944 is equally nice to observe. So take a hop too that orange star when working on this challenge, I was glad I did. Here's the duo in action, quite stunning.

Yes I slapped my Barlow on that star, I have a thing for orange stars, visually wonderful to gaze at in the eyepiece.

Telescope: 12 inch dobsonian
Eyepiece: 26mm
Extra's: 2x Barlow lens

CHALLENGE 6... Messier 13

Oh boy let's start this challenge off with my favorite star cluster, known as the keystone cluster in Hercules. This one still gives me a little bit of a challenge aiming my finder-scope at it, but I like keeping my observing skills sharp with tricky deep sky objects.  I'm  12 years seasoned on some Messier's so watch-out.

Telescope: 12 inch dobsonian
Eyepiece: 26mm
Extra's: Love slapping my 2x Barlow on that!

This one was great, what's next Phil? Hmm.. endless possibilities.