Oh boy, Andromeda galaxy opened up a world of being in contact with other observers around the world in 2002. I was not very experienced with finding galaxies so I reluctantly went in an astronomy chat room one night desperate for help. 9 years later I'm an astronomer. What a blast it has been, quite the orbit to where I am today! (same room facing a different wall though lol!)

When you observe Andromeda, your getting five galaxies in one shot but Phil is concentrating on only two in this challenge. I threw in my barlow to get a good look at them. M32 and M110 are the two smaller companions. Woops this is a binocular challenge .. shhh! okay so I got my scope on it first. So binoculars are ready and is Phil going to win this challenge ??? Let's seee ..oooh oh ..nope I see them in my  new binoculars.

OOOH! Sorry there Phil I gotcha on this one, oh gee that's too bad, maybe the next one there  Mr Harrington.

Telescope: 12 inch dobsonian
Eyepiece: 25 mm and 10 mm
Extra's:  2x barlow

Binoculars: 15 x 70   <---- by Orion Telescope company, the best optics maker.

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